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 Ceska verze

PWC 2005 - Serbia

Standa Hlavinka

 Digifly VL100 Flyer

    "There's no escape from reality and thus I stick to my cigar," I'm recalling the lettering which I could read sprayed on the wall at the periphery of Kosice city this morning while a Serbian clerk in a tollbooth beside a barrier asks for 3220 dinars (about 41 Euro) because of our using 240km of the highway between Beograd and Nis. Just 20km to the east side of Nis towards Bulgaria, where the first competition of PWC took place in April, a small village Sicevo is situated at the foot of 1000 meters high ridge and Nisava river cuts into a narrow valley under the village.

 The map of Evrope with the competition point marked

    "It's summer after all," local people say with a smile on their faces and despite the height of 450 meters above sea level a boiling hot reigns in a village. Fortunately, forefathers built their houses from of old so skilfully that the inside temperature is much lower than the outside one. Of course without any air-conditioning.

Saturday 2.07.05
    "If you have no family and you like our village we will get you married here," my landlady speaks to the point absolutely and serves breakfast - fresh cheese, eggs from domestic hen and unusual bread in a form of sticks. Of course, fresh drawn milk from a cow is not missing.

 Japanese team at the landing zone

 No comment

 A registration

 In front of headquarters

 A local playboy and his girls at the evening party

    An outside temperature dropped to pleasant 25 degrees during last night and the sky is covered with clouds completely. A strong northwest wind blows the clouds over the ridge above the village and just down parts of two pylons on the top of Gradac hill can be seen. And what is more, it starts to drizzle and thus today's registration can be calmly in motion all day long, which was originally reserved for training flights. The number of inhabitants in the village doubled because of the competitors anyway.

    "I'll have just one minute then," a worried pilot observes an alternative landing zone on a pitch, which changes at its end to a steep slope falling 200 meters down to the river. Local football players must lose ten or even twenty balls during the only one match definitely.


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