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 Ceska verze

PWC 2006 - Switzerland

Tatana Lonickova & Standa Hlavinka

 Digifly Flyer 2

Sunday 06.08.06
    It's 6th August today and after the second competition which took place in Austria, the third Paragliding World Cup competition begins in Fiesch, Switzerland. Statisticians consider this date to be the best time for flying. But the statistics can be wrong. Listening the name Switzerland, every pilot imagines high mountains, strong valley winds and sharp peaks with a powerfull thermal activity above. In total, it means fast and long tasks with pilot's leg always on the speed.

    The favourable impression of a charming Swiss scenery was ruined by the owner of one local campsite early morning. She threatened Zuzka, Radek Vecera's girlfriend, to call the police because of a prohibited using a toilet which normally costs 6 francs. An owner of another campsite even walked around a car park last night and tried to kick out the main organiser of PWC Reunion. He didn't succeed in it and that was why he didn't hesitate to called the police. Odile and her family had to spend the night in a campsite then and pay 70 francs there.





    But I don't want just to criticise. I'd like to speak highly of the new reporting back system using pilot's SMS which would increase their safety. Competitors needn't sign out personally, sending the SMS message is enough now. It works back as well. Thus we were woken up by ringing of Frantisek's new mobile phone this mornig where we could read: "No task for today." Nevertheless the weather forecast for next days doesn't look very favourable. It's ten o'clock now, the outside temperature reaches hardly 10°C and the briefing begins. Raindrops fall down to boxes with tropical fruit from Reunion Island and the scene looks hopelessly. Nothing remains but to look forward to the evening party and hope for better future days!

    Other visitors are not put off by the awful weather and they set out by a cableway to see one of the most famous and renowned touristic resort above the town. The second part of Czech pilots searches for any accommodation. Thanks to Helenka's collection of bedtime stories we are not out of humour at all.


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