Do you wish to put your advertisement on this page ?

Company advertisements on the server SkyFly

    After the half of the year (when the visiting reached to 30000 hits of the server SkyFly daily and is increasing permanently) we are glad to offer you the possibility to advertise through the banner as you can see above.

    In contrast to the other servers, where several firms together alternate in one banner through the medium of animation picture, in server SkyFly is each banner only for one company for as long as it will set.

    The firm can decide in which slot and on which particular page the banner will be placed. For some of the companies is going to be very interesting to use pages in Czech part of SkyFly server.

How much will it cost ?
    The placing of each advertising banner costs 80$ monthly. But in case the company wants to prepay one banner for 6 months then it is going to pay only 5 months. In case of prepayment of whole year, it's going to pay only 9 months and the last three are free of charge.

And where you can get the banner ?
    The most of the firms which have been advertising, their advertising banner already have and have been probably using it quite often. But for the companies which want to try it for the first time we can offer its creation. The price of creation is going to be set according to its animation difficulty from 20$ to 30$.

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