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Italy - Bassano del Grappa

  Carraro 1 N45°49.476'   E011°46.279' 870m MSL 690m ALZ 110°-170°   HG
  Carraro 2 N45°49.412'   E011°46.169' 850m MSL 670m ALZ 120°-190°   HG
  Carraro 3 N45°49.527'   E011°46.111' 910m MSL 730m ALZ 160°-230°   PG
  Colle Campeggia N45°50.216'   E011°44.898' 1100m MSL 920m ALZ 150°-190°   PG, HG
  Campo Croce N45°50.369'   E011°47.175' 1210m MSL 1030m ALZ 160°-200°   PG, HG
  Costalunga N45°48.737'   E011°44.696' 720m MSL 540m ALZ 80°-120°   PG, HG
  Monte Colombera N45°51.274'   E011°48.013' 1410m MSL 1230m ALZ 130°-200°   PG, HG
  Monte Meda N45°51.687'   E011°48.241' 1610m MSL 1430m ALZ 90°-220°   PG, HG

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   You can see the live webcam view at the landing place in Semonzo village on this page.

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