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Croatia - Istrie

  Buzet N45°26.673'   E13°57.907' 490m MSL 330m ALZ 210°-260°   PG, HG
  Buzet - Raspadalica N45°25.427'   E13°59.876' 540m MSL 420m ALZ  160°-240°   PG, HG
  Buzet - Zbevnica N45°27.415'   E14°01.427' 990m MSL 440m ALZ 330°-50°   PG, HG
  Kastelir N45°19.857'   E13°40.068' 160m MSL 160m ALZ 240°-300°   PG, HG
  Sveti Anton N45°21.082'   E13°41.816' 150m MSL 120m ALZ 190°-270°   PG, HG
  Ucka - Vojak N45°17.120'   E14°12.118' 1390m MSL 1300m ALZ 180°-310°   PG, HG

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