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Canary Islands - La Palma

  Concepción 1 N28°40.401'   W017°46.693' 390m MSL 390m ALZ 20°-90°   PG, HG
  Concepción 2 N28°40.342'   W017°46.513' 350m MSL 350m ALZ 140°-210°   PG, HG
  El Gallo N28°36.788'   W017°51.023' 1360m MSL 1360m ALZ 290°-340°   PG
  El Time 1 N28°40.149'   W017°56.438' 635m MSL 635m ALZ 90°-150°   HG
  El Time 2 N28°40.145'   W017°56.436' 630m MSL 630m ALZ 270°-310°   PG, HG
  Jedey N28°34.956'   W017°52.973' 620m MSL 620m ALZ 200°-260°   PG
  Las Indias N28°30.117'   W017°51.230' 700m MSL 630m ALZ 240°-310°   PG, HG
  Puerto Naos N28°35.210'   W017°54.138' 250m MSL 250m ALZ 220°-270°   PG
  Reventón N28°39.601'   W017°49.511' 1360m MSL 1360m ALZ 60°-110°   HG
  Roque Muchachos N28°45.234'   W017°53.146' 2400m MSL 2400m ALZ null wind   PG, HG
  Torre del Time N28°41.495'   W017°55.527' 1100m MSL 1100m ALZ 240°-310°   PG, HG

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