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Canary Islands - Tenerife

  Barranco Hondo N28°23.910'   W016°22.114' 660m MSL 660m ALZ 80°-130°   PG
  Guimar N28°18.968'   W016°22.549' 250m MSL 160m ALZ 350°-100°   PG, HG
  Ifonche N28°07.791'   W016°41.624' 1020m MSL 800m ALZ 210°-300°   PG, HG
  Izaņa 1 N28°19.346'   W016°29.494' 2170m MSL 2170m ALZ 90°-150°   PG, HG
  Izaņa 2 N28°18.479'   W016°31.085' 2200m MSL 2200m ALZ 330°-20°   PG
  Izaņa 3 N28°19.464'   W016°29.591' 2180m MSL 2180m ALZ 300°-10°   PG
  Izaņa 4 N28°19.730'   W016°29.473' 2140m MSL 2140m ALZ 300°-350°   PG
  Las Teresitas N28°30.652'   W016°11.248' 110m MSL 110m ALZ 120°-190°   PG, HG
  San Lorenzo N28°06.926'   W016°39.457' 950m MSL 460m ALZ 140°-210°   PG
  Taucho N28°08.732'   W016°44.186' 780m MSL 560m ALZ 200°-280°   PG, HG
  Teno Alto N28°21.130'   W016°52.655' 720m MSL 720m ALZ 10°-90°   PG

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