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Krušné hory

  Černý vrch N50°21.70'   E13°10.20' 660m MSL 280m ALZ 310°-350°   HG
  Horní Jiřetín N50°34.67'   E13°31.19' 560m MSL 260m ALZ 100°-170°   HG
  Klínovec N50°24.02'   E12°58.25' 1150m MSL 230m ALZ 30°-60°   PG, HG
  Krupka N50°41.771'   E13°52.543' 710m MSL 360m ALZ 140°-180°   PG
  Srní N50°22.39'   E13°02.97' 770m MSL 480m ALZ 60°-120°   PG, HG

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