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Oderske vrchy

  Juracka N49°34.650'   E17°37.484' 540m MSL 210m ALZ 200°-250°   PG, HG
  Petrkovicka hurka N49°32.529'   E17°57.445' 480m MSL 60m ALZ 230°-320°   PG, HG
  Vrchy N49°36.180'   E17°44.643' 400m MSL 70m ALZ 240°-280°   PG
  Uhrinov N49°34.770'   E17°39.762' 530m MSL 170m ALZ 150°-200°   PG, HG
  Vítovka N49°40.735'   E17°50.587' 360m MSL 50m ALZ 150°-210°   PG, HG

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