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Slovakia - Nizke Tatry

  Baranovo N48°47.202'   E19°08.549' 980m MSL 420m ALZ 180°-220°   PG, HG
  Baranovo Zadky N48°47.506'   E19°08.220' 970m MSL 410m ALZ 200°-270°   PG, HG
  Ciertaz N48°46.260'   E19°27.207' 1160m MSL 720m ALZ 300°-20°   HG
  Chopok Lukova N48°57.175'   E19°35.402' 1680m MSL 680m ALZ 340°-50°   PG, HG
  Chopok N N48°56.917'   E19°35.433' 1870m MSL 870m ALZ 310°-40°   PG
  Chopok S N48°56.452'   E19°34.947' 1940m MSL 940m ALZ 140°-210°   PG
  Králova hola N48°52.916'   E20°08.345' 1880m MSL 1060m ALZ 150°-230°   PG, HG
  Nova hola (Donovaly) N48°53.324'   E19°13.808' 1360m MSL 460m ALZ 100°-240°   PG, HG
  Panský diel N48°47.839'   E19°09.051' 1080m MSL 620m ALZ 130°-200°   HG
  Podkonické Pleše N48°48.960'   E19°14.528' 950m MSL 400m ALZ 150°-220°   PG, HG
  Stará kopa N48°43.517'   E19°11.482' 710m MSL 340m ALZ 310°-20°   PG, HG

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