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Slovenia - Karavanske Alpe

  Gozd N46°20.368'   E014°19.874' 940m MSL 430m ALZ 160°-220°   PG, HG
  Kriska Gora N46°21.092'   E014°19.930' 1470m MSL 960m ALZ 130°-230°   PG, HG
  Krvavec - Ambroz N46°16.505'   E014°31.745' 1070m MSL 670m ALZ 190°-250°   PG, HG
  Krvavec - Gospinca N46°17.763'   E014°31.532' 1550m MSL 1150m ALZ 200°-290°   PG, HG

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