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 Ceska verze

PWC 2006 - Slovenia

Tatana Lonickova & Standa Hlavinka

 Digifly Flyer 2

 In the air

    Even yesterday I didn't believe I would ever need my swimsuit this year. But it came true! The fourth Paragliding World Cup competition takes place in Kobarid, Slovenia. The small town welcomes us by sunny weather and the temperature reaches fairly pleasant 24°C. Thus Saturday was a flyable day and pilots, who had arrived before, departed to Stol take off point around noon. Travelling up took about one and half hour cause the road is rather poor.

    Pilots flew just straight lines today, no turning was needed. Only Martin Orlik, which is rather indisposed, complained about flight conditions. He can't push his speed system because of his wounded ankle. One Czech pilot even tried to vary our lazy afternoon. He hung himself very skilfully on a tree right in the middle of our campsite. By the way, the camp is really gorgeous. The evening registration was suitably sauced by a wine gustation then.

 A departure to the take off point

 Radek Vecera and Zuzka

    Now we believe in weather cause everybody remembers the last two competitions with just one flight day.

Sunday 03.09.06
    According to the forecast the weather went a bit wrong. The sky is covered with high clouds and their bases hang about 150 meters above the take off point. All of 18 cars set off shortly after the briefing. We speak highly of Czech auxiliary organisers. But searching for a free seat for a slight reporter proves to be a very difficult task.

    Conditions improve around noon but we are always waiting. Eventually, 51.7km long task, which spans four turning points, is declared. All of pilots go for it at 1.30 p.m. and the fly towards the first turning point 20 minutes after that. Today's conditions conform to Czech pilot Radek Vyhlas splendidly therefore we could expect something to happen. Right after the air take-off he pushed his speed system and its steel string disparted!

 After the take-off

 Martina Pospisilova

    The task was very fast at the very beginning. First two legs was flown along Stol. The next turning point before Zmrzly Vrh was crunch one. The boldness was important. When someone had wanted to rise up here, he lost his height. It affected the whole first group with Tomas Brauner in its lead. Almost no wind blew in the goal and "the razor ridge" worked excellently today. The best tactics was to fly from the last turning point the straight line towards the goal as the winner of today's task, Rudi Untermoser from Austria, did. Russel Ogden was the second and Rudiger Gordes reached the goal as the third. The fourth one was Czech Martin Orlik and the winner of the woman category was Renata Kuhnova from Czech Republic. But points differencies are not high at all.

    The competition favourite, Ewa Wisnierska, didn't arrive to Slovenia because of a doctor's suggestion. And Andy Aebi did as well.

    I've almost forgotten to praise young and hopeful Czech Michal Sneiberg who had finished "The Hungarien Open" as the fourth!

 Lazar Camp


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